The success of Hillcrest is dependent on the support of the Board.  As Hillcrest enters it’s 50th year of operation the Board is tasked with developing a strategic plan to ensure sustainability for the next 50.  If you are interested in helping with this please join us at our monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of the month at 5:30.  Participation on the Board counts toward your required annual volunteer hours.

Hillcrest Children’s Center Board Member Role Description

Roles and Responsibilities

To act as a voting member of the board with full authority and responsibility to provide strategic guidance to Hillcrest Children’s Center develop policies, procedures and regulations for the operation of the Hillcrest; to monitor Hillcrest’s financial health, programs and overall performance; and to provide the staff with the resources to implement the programs and services of Hillcrest.

As a member of the Hillcrest Children’s Center Board, I commit to:

  • Actively working towards those decisions and solutions that are in the organization’s best interests (speaking with one voice)
  • Attending 9 Board Meetings a year
  • Participating in the Board’s Annual Retreat
  • Serving on one Board Committee (standing or ad hoc)
  • Making an annual personal gift that is meaningful and significant
  • Understand my roles and responsibilities and becoming sufficiently knowledgeable about Hillcrest Children’s Center and its operations to make informed decisions
  • Reading the materials sent to the Board and coming prepare to Board and committee meetings
  • Arriving at meetings on time and staying for the full agenda unless I have otherwise notified the Board or Committee Chair
  • Asking for clarification on any matters or material that I do not understand before making a decision
  • Respecting the confidentiality of the Board’s business
  • Participating in at least one Board Training Event and an annual evaluation to identify ways in which our Board can improve its performance
  • Listening carefully to other Board member and staff with an open mind and an objective perspective
  • I agree to be informed about and to observe the following board policies in our manual:
    • Avoidance of conflict of interest
    • Equal opportunity and avoidance of discrimination
    • Management of the Child and Adult Food Program
    • Enrollment in a Board Liability Insurance Program

2018-2028 Annual Strategic Plan

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