Nursing mothers are welcome to drop by anytime. Mothers who are nursing are encouraged to introduce a bottle to the infant prior to enrollment at Hillcrest. If baby is nursing, and baby has not learned to drink from a bottle, mother must plan to come to the center to nurse baby as needed. If mother cannot make it to the center to feed baby, and baby will not take milk from a bottle, caregivers are instructed to call to have baby picked up from the Center. If a nursing mother chooses to skip the bottle, it is mandatory that the infant has learned to receive milk from a cup, or at the very least has had some experience with it. It is expected that parents are continuing to work through this learning process at home, helping to keep feedings consistent between home and center. It is Hillcrest policy that infants are fed on demand whether bottle-fed or nursed. It is our goal to keep your baby happy. Please see our guide to breastfeeding that was put together by a parent and infant teachers.